Ukrainian Ceremony Ritual

The groom ( svakhy ) and his family give gifts to the bride’s family in accordance with custom. The patient’s name is called out when the best person distributes the gifts. Love and eternity are represented in products ranging from a wine chalice for communion to embroidered rushnyky.

The starosty, which are two friends or family members ( one from each area) who serve as master of ceremonies, preside the Ukrainian bride service. They also introduce the handful to the cathedral, carry the couple’s Virgin Mary and jesus icons into the service, and observe the union.

Kids and godparents approach the couple during the meeting, and they exchange slings as a sign of respect and give their blessing. Additionally, they may give the partners metaphorical presents like marriage bakery known as korovai or catholic icons.

The handful wears a rushnyk, an embroidered purple linen, before their established wedding. This embodies ovulation and establishes a relationship between the couple and their grandparents. In the relationship, it is said that the person who makes the second move on the rushnyk does wearing the shorts.

Another fun part of ukrainian wedding is the Buyout a Bride>> ritual. This is when the groom asks his close friends to bring him a gift for the bride-to-be. In return for the gift, they must answer questions about her, usually praising her qualities. After that, the family hands her over to her soon-to-be husband.

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